AIM Adds Partner to its Organization

February 11, 2014

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation joins the partnership.

February 11, 2014, Plano, TX -- AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURERS of Building Materials, LLC (AIM) has added Southwestern Petroleum Corporation (SWEPCO) as a partner to its organization. Fort Worth, Tex.-based SWEPCO manufactures a wide range of high-performance cold process products and systems designed for the maintenance and replacement of low slope commercial, industrial and institutional roofs; and maintenance of floors, walls, metal and pavement.

Celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2013, SWEPCO began with a desire to provide industry, commerce and government with new protective products. SWEPCO began developing and marketing its broad line of protective coatings and in the years since, this focus has never changed. Today SWEPCO Brand Products and Systems are manufactured in the United States, Canada and Europe and are certified ISO 9001 compliant. SWEPCO Brand Products protect millions of square feet of industrial, commercial, institutional and government property in more than 80 countries throughout the world.

Robert Dickerson, President of SWEPCO stated, "After learning of the AIM business model and getting to know the partners, it was very obvious it is a good fit. The companies align both culturally and professionally and we look forward to enjoying the synergies created by AIM in the years ahead."

"We are very excited about the collaboration that will exist with SWEPCO as a Partner with AIM," said Andy Hastings, CEO/Managing Partner of AIM. "Years ago, the founders of SWEPCO felt they could create a successful company by sticking to a simple philosophy - manufacture and sell the highest quality products that money, skill, experience and effort can produce. That quality reputation remains a core value of SWEPCO to this day. By adding production capability in the southwest we will improve the supply chain proposition to our customers and contribute to the continued success of the company."

About SWEPCO: Southwestern Petroleum Corporation is a world leader in high performance waterproofing systems and protective coatings with its US manufacturing facility located in Ft. Worth, TX. Since 1933, SWEPCO Brand Products have been helping customers by providing reliable, long-term, cost-effective waterproofing solutions for roofs, floors, walls, pavement and other surfaces. More information can be found at

About AIM: AIM produces over 500 products including complete lines of white coatings, emulsions, mastics, sealants, driveway maintenance products, modified bitumen membranes, caulks, adhesives, waterproofing, specialty paints, road emulsions and chemical distribution. AIM maintains manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Mars, PA; Cleveland, OH; Chicago, IL; Baltimore, MD; Ft. Worth, TX; Los Angeles, CA; and Oakland, CA. For more information, visit AIM\'s web site at or call (214) 254-4720.