White Reflective Roof Coatings and Accessories


NEW: AIM offers a complete line of products that constitute AIM's Silicone Roof Coating System. For more information regarding the system, see the Warranty Info tab.

Solve roof leaks and recondition while improving energy efficiency and appearance. White and reflective elastomeric and thermoplastic roof coatings are among the most economical ways to improve a roof's performance. Reflective properties improve energy efficiency and enhance appearance while sealing, and elastic properties help restore the roof's original shape and condition.

Nearly any low slope roof can be converted into a "cool" roof by applying white reflective roof coating. Single ply membrane, modified bitumen, BUR, and metal roof types deliver increased thermal performance when white and reflective coatings are applied.

AIM combines a high performance lineup of white acrylic mastics and solvent based coatings with thermoplastic white roof coatings and white elastomeric roof coating products as a single resource for products that lead the industry.