Regional Brands

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At AIM, our company tagline is "The Brands Behind the Brand". And it's a reasonable question to ask: "Why is a company with a national brand touting its 'regional brands'?"

The reason we emphasize the regional brands of our company is because this a competitive difference between AIM and our competition, including many of the products sold nationally through multiple distribution channels.

Most national brands use a "one size fits all" approach - meaning that their formulations are offered independent of the location or region of a building project. This serves a manufacturer's interest to offer one product that serves the needs of many geographical areas of North America.

In contrast, at AIM, our products - whether roof coatings, cements or adhesives- are formulated for the distinct exterior weather extremes of various North American areas. For large building projects, especially construction or restoration of facilities located in multiple areas, this means a project manager can find an AIM product that is optimized for multiple distinct regions. --- without compromising quality. The generic formulations of many other national brands often requires a quality compromise: Simply put, what works in Pennsylvania may not be viable in Florida and vice-versa.

AIM’s regional formulations also address varying VOC and associated regulatory requirements. AIM performs the background work to ensure that its formulas are within environmental compliance as AIM strives to reduce the regulatory concerns of AIM’s customers. See our Environmental Policy statement for more details.

Only at AIM, can you get not only the product selection that suits you but also regionally-optimized formulations to meet your premium building needs.